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Life is a journey and this is mine...
It Happened On Maple Street is my true life love story.  While parts in the middle are fictionalized to protect others, the love story is true.

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I was a victim.  I told no one for almost thirty years.  And one day, a voice from the past came to rescue me.

This book was written in collarboration with my husband, Tim Barney.
Harlequin Books celebrates the women whose compassion makes a difference in their communities with the More Than Words Program.

Women, and their charitable organizations, are nominated and voted upon and each year the winners are honored with fictional stories emulating their work written by Harlequin Bestselling authors.  The authors donate their talent and proceeds from the sales of the books go to the charities.  I was honored to be chosen to contribute to this great program and even more honored to highlight the work of Sandra Ramos, the founder of America's first domestic violence shelter. 
I was alone in a hotel suite, traveling on business when I was struck with the need to write this book.

Based on my parent's life together, incorporating the key moments from a daughter's perspective, this is a love story that speaks a truth straight from my heart.

With a considerable age difference between them, as well as familial and church abandonement, my parents life together did not start out easy.  It didn't become easy, either.  But they endured.  More importantly, their love endured.

My brother and I are the benefactors.
My editor called and asked if I'd like to write a story about a woman who had a late in life preganancy as part of a mother's day celebration.

Shortly after I accepted the invitation, my brother called to tell me that he and his wife, both over forty, were unexpectedly expecting.

As I wrote, I was one step ahead of them at every turn.  I'd research.  Then they'd call.

I'm very fond of this story.
I ADORE my nephew!
I created a town in my beloved Arizona.  It's my town.  Exactly what I'd want a town to be.  I'm in with the mayor and all of the powers that be.  To date, I've written thirteen books set in Shelter Valley for Harlequin's Superromance Line.

Sheltered in His Arms is a Shelter Valley Story that is a bit longer.  It was a Harlequin Special Release to celebrate and highlight Shelter Valley.

It's the life story of a great grandson and namesake of the town's founder, Sam Montford.   Another great-grandson, Sam's cousin, is the hero of The Moment of Truth, a 2013 Superromance release.
Tomorrow's Baby was almost before it's time!

It's also a Shelter Valley Story!  (There are fifteen to date with more planned.) 
The story is not actually set in Shelter Valley, but tells the story of the birth of a little girl who grows up to become a member of the town's founding family.
As the world changed, so did I!

I wrote a short story for this anthology, The Good Girl.  It is my first, digital first project!

This book, a compilation of four short stories, is Completely Free.  Click on the cover to download and begin reading!

I hope you'll get hooked on The Good Girl!  It's a side street to my What Happened in Comfort Cove series that is 2013 nomination for a Reviewer's Choice award!

Occasionally Harlequin Books publishes multi-author continuity series.  By publisher invitation only twelve authors collaborate on an overall thread and then all twelve create and write their own individual story to fit the thread.  We have to stay in close touch with each other as we incorporate aspects from each other's books to make the whole thread come together.  To solve the mystery.  Or save the jewelry.  Cassidy's Kids is part of the Maitland Maternity series.

All twelve are available by clicking on the book cover to the left.

This is Book One of a Twelve Author, year long collaboration offered by Harlequin Books.

A cross between the old sitcom, Newhart, and a daytime soap opera, this series has been a hit for several years.

His Brother's Bride received a five star review!

Read one or all twelve Cooper's Corner Stories!
 Another twelve author collaborative continuity series!

The series:  Trueblood Texas

The Rancher's Bride recieved a reviewer's choice nomination for best continuity series.

Texas ranchers and babies are romance cliche's, but this book does them ttq style.  A woman has to choose between marrying the love of her life or raising the child she had in secret.  Another man's child.

A spin-off of the
Trueblood Texas continuity series, Trueblood Christmas is a collection of three brand new novellas featuring Trueblood characters.

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