It Happened In Comfort Cove

A toddler is abducted.

Her body is never found.

Neither is her kidnapper.


Twenty-five years later...

The Chapman Files

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Meet Psychologist Dr. Kelly Chapman: 

"I hadn't started out with any desire to be an expert witness. And certainly not one who got calls from every state in the union. That hadn't been my goal. Still wasn't. But our purpose in life isn't always clear to us, is it?"

On her life:

"Bottom line was, trauma didn't punch a time clock. So neither did I."

In one of her better moments regarding caller ID:

"I mean, what if it was my father's number and I let out a 'what do you want?' and it turned out to be a cop using my dad's phone to call and tell me Dad was dead on the side of the road?"

Regarding her addiction:

"I couldn't find a pencil that hadn't been chewed on. So what if the existing ones bore all my own teeth marks. Sometimes a girl just needed fresh wood."

On a case:

"I didn't get angry often. But I was angry. Well and truly, one hundred percent angry. The slime ball was going down. Way, way, way down."

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The Ivory Nation

A fiend is doing horribly wrong things.

He thinks he's doing them for the right reasons.

Can anyone stop him?

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