Sierra's Web #15

They have a perfect partnership...until an attempt on her life changes everything!

On Shelves 3/26/24




TTQ IN 2024

12/26/23 - Danger on the River
Sierra's Web Book Fourteen

1/23/24 - Colton Threat Unleashed
Colton's of Owl Creek Book One

2/20/24 - Fortune In Name Only
The Fortune's of Texas:
Digging for Secrets, Book Two

3/26/24 - Deadly Mountain Rescue
Sierra's Web Book Fifteen

4/23/24 - A High Stakes Reunion
Sierra's Web Book Sixteen

8/20/24 - Baby in Jeopardy
Sierra's Web Book Seventeen

10/22/24 - Her Sister's Murder
Sierra's Web Book Eighteen

11/26/24 - Her Christmas Wish
The Cottages on Ocean Breeze, Book One

12/--/24 - Untitled
Sierra's Web Book Nineteen


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